Vagrant Story creator works on script for unannounced game

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Talk about Yasumi Matsuno is talking about a legend in the video game industry. His work at the beginning of Dragon Quest, Ogre Battle is far away; almost as much as the pivotal role he played in Final Fantasy Tactics (director and writer) and Vagrant Story (writer). And from the past to the future: Matsuno, who is also responsible for some stories from the popular Final Fantasy XIV, work on a new unannounced game that will come in the future. And the person who has confirmed it must know something about it, because it is nothing more and nothing less than Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of Final Fantasy.

In an interview with 4Gamer (translated by Siliconera), Sakaguchi commented that Matsuno is immersed in a new project under the role of screenwriter. He has not revealed any details about the name or playable aspects, but he has assured that it is “anxious“To see the result.

Vagrant Story: a cult RPG unprecedented in the genre

The Square Enix title usually occupies the highest positions in all those lists that users compile with the intention of sharing their favorite games. A classic that recently turned 20, which landed technically ahead of its time, and left its mark thanks to its fascinating story (on MeriStation, the game scored 10 out of 10). Last June we dedicated an extensive report to him, in which we addressed each and every one of his keys. You can read it in the following link.

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Vagrant Story debuted in 2000 as an exclusive to the first PlayStation. It subsequently received digital versions on PSP and PS3. As of today, it is not available on any current platform.

Source | 4Gamer; via Siliconera


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