Vagrant Vs. Hobo – What’s the Difference

By: Belu Di Lorenzo

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All of us have once dreamed of exploration in life. Especially in our teens when people start to know the world outside their happy dome. How do the aurora lights look so beautiful? How can one stay in the hot deserts or live in the coldest places where zero degrees is just the starting point of getting chills? All of the things are so super exciting. Yet many things make us bound to one place.

Job and home are the main factors that keep people stuck to their basics. Yes, you do live your dreams, but what about the people who do not have all the things? As you step outside of your home, you see many people just sitting on the side of the road waiting for someone to give them a penny or just food. Sometimes, they must have slept without a single bite during the day. Scary right? Yes, of course, it is. 

And yet we see some other people continuously exploring the countries and, in our terms, living their life to the fullest. They are not bound to any job or home. They meet with random people on the journey and then just go with them, and that’s how they start their new chapter of life. This is interesting. But how could they manage all of it without the money and home? Well, that’s the difference between the vagrant and the hobo.

What Is The Difference Between Vagrant And Hobo?

If we go on the dictionary terms, then a vagrant is someone who we see begging on the streets. They need the support of food at home. They are technically a homeless person who prays for their daily needs. They generally stayed on the corner of the streets and picketed the most crowded center of the city. More people increase their chances of getting more food or money for their needs. 

On the other hand, the hobo is something a professional word used for the wanderers. They may have their home or job, but they quit it to explore the places and their dreams. They roam their whole life in different countries and explore the country’s hidden gems. They mostly lived on the free items and the things they could arrange for very fewer wages. They try to host as many people as possible and build a good relationship with them. In return, they could help the local people in their work and get a place to sleep and food to eat. That’s how they live their life, and that’s what their job is. 

Some people carry a camera and keep clicking pictures of the places for their online content. Many other traveling companies also pay good rent to the people for living like wanderers. Those companies do it for the purpose to add on more treks to the list. For many people, some of the hidden tours are weak points. It increases the company’s chances of gathering more people for commercial trips. Organizing treks or places to visit is the new trending and hot profession among today’s people. 

Besides the companies tied up, many people also wonder because they like it. They are not tied up with any companies or have any jobs. They do it because it is their passion. They want to explore the part which is untouched by the human species. Surely, they carry cameras for themself in remembrance of a memory.

Along with this, they can also carry cameras to promote their channel. Many of the wanderers are present on the online platform. They keep adding their experience and people like to watch it from other points of view. Especially after the lockdown times, the profession of wanderers, those that are present on social platforms, has gained huge popularity. 

Are Bum And Hobo the Same?

They might appear the same on the outside conditions but are not the same. Hobos, on the one hand, are free wanderers. They may have to pick the work because they are always traveling. They might not have permanent residence or work, but they are okay with doing work in exchange for food and shelter above themselves. The only condition with the hobo is that they are constantly roaming, so they can only stick with the permanent job for a short time. They might stay with the poplar for more than just a single day because they either like the environment of the place or the people. Or sometimes, it was slow because the further roots were still blocked for the locals and other outsiders for any reason. In such circumstances, they could stay in a single spot. 

Bum, on the other hand, is very different from the hobo. They are not in any condition like hobos. They are just the homeless and jobless. They are not even travelers. They stay in a single position and enjoy their own company. They are not also beggars because they do not beg anyone for anything. If they get the food, they will eat; if they do not, they will not. They live on their terms; the only term they stick to is never working for anything.

The term is generally popular in the US, and there are more bums. They also need the desire to explore the world. Nor do they want to stick with the job. They also roam around the country, but it is the least chance for them to leave and explore the different locations. They want to fit in the right place, and whenever they get to that place, they can be stuck in the same spot throughout their life.

Most Famous Hobo In The World?

Leon Ray Livingston is the most famous hobo in the world. He lived in the United States of America. He was born in 1872. For most of their life, she has lived like a wanderer. At the age of 11, he has learned to ride the rails and is pretty comfortable joining any gang that is up for the journey. Later after he completed the world tour, he began to write his journey. His humble nature and hunger for the road have always attracted people toward him. 

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