“Vale transforms in “A contraluz” with an all-new look”

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Vale’s Evolution in Debut Album “A Contraluz”

Colombian twin duo Vale has portrayed their musical evolution in their debut album “A contraluz”. The album was recorded in Mexico with songs composed during their adolescence and collaborations with renowned artists like Elvis Costello. Both sisters, Valentina and Valeria Perez, have recently returned to Mexico City to present their album, making it their third visit to the country.

Valentina and Valeria spent their time exploring different areas of Mexico City. Valentina visited museums and traveled by subway, while Valeria went to old bookstores, exploring the cultural and literary aspects of the city.

The album “A contraluz” comprises different songs, including “Primavera”, “Magia”, “Puente” and “Este viaje”. The title track, “A contraluz”, was composed when they were 15 years old, and it was one of their first songs. Now at the age of 24, the song holds a special place in their hearts.

“We wrote it at a very particular moment when we lost our grandmother,” said Valeria. “It was a time to sit down and really process that loss. This is where this song was born, which we kept as a secret, as a little treasure. But we already felt the need to take it out.”

The album closes with “I Won’t Pretend”, which is their first English song. Elvis Costello wrote the song for them, and they were thrilled to receive it. They recorded it at the end of their album production and enjoyed the moment, singing in the darkness and savoring each note.

Their recent single “Lo que me haces fuera” was a collaborative effort with Covi Quintana, Raquel Sofia, and Makis de Angulo from the Colombian girl group Ventino. Valentina composed the song in a camp, and the sisters were open to writing with other girls. They created two different songs with different essences, showcasing their versatility.

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Their music video for “What You Would Do Me Elsewhere” portrays the duo’s futuristic vision, wearing two-tone suits of red and purple and appearing to be flying. The video was directed by María Zárate and filmed with harness and special effects.

With Marco Mares, a famous Mexican singer-songwriter, they created their song “Time Machine”, which they composed in Miami. This is a song that holds a special place in their hearts as it reflects their admiration for Marco and the natural flow that prevailed while producing it.

In “I Saw You Change Your Skin,” they dedicate the song to themselves as sisters who grow and change together. The song was written during the pandemic, as they began to immerse themselves fully in their music and make changes in their lives. Celebrating the changes in one’s life is the central theme of this song.

After their recent concert at Estéreo Picnic in Colombia, they are scheduled to perform at the UNSIN festival in Miami on May 13. The album “A contraluz” portrays their journey as a duo and their ability to evolve with each song, reaching new heights with their musical prowess each time. They are excited to see what the future holds and look forward to exploring new horizons.

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