Valentín Elizalde: why the series on the “Golden Rooster” was suspended

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Valentin Elizalde He was one of the most beloved regional music singers in Mexico, who ended up assassinated after giving a concert at the palenque of the Expo-Feria in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. In the early morning of November 25, 2006, a group of armed persons intercepted the vehicle in which he was traveling with his representative, driver and cousin, the latter being the only survivor.

The news of his death fell like a bucket of cold water among his millions of followers, who to date remember his work and even visit his grave. Valentine was not the only artist in the family, his father, the great singer Everardo Elizalde, stood out for his unique tone of voice, like his brothers Jesus and francis.

It was precisely Francisco who inherited the title of “The rooster” after the death of his brother and today he is the one who pays the most tribute to him. In a recent interview for TVAzteca, the youngest of the Elizaldes revealed the reason why the biographical series of “The golden rooster”.

During the broadcast of “Come Joy”, Francisco pointed out that the production about his brother’s life was halted due to legal problems faced by the daughters of “The golden rooster” for his father’s image rights. The name of his nieces are Valeria and Gabriela, daughters of Gabriela sabag, who was married to the singer between 1999 and 2003.

“No, no, there is nothing ahead. Leave everything stopped, I don’t want to get into trouble and above all I don’t want to stress about things and I prefer to focus on my work […] Everyone on their own, the net there is still no arrangement with anyone and I ask for an apology on their part ”, express Francisco.

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Regarding the decision they made Valeria and Gabriela, the singer has decided not to enter into controversy, but he did take the opportunity to send a strong message to the young women:

“Actually, look, I thought they should take the roll, and understand that they should take advantage of their father’s name. They must take care of everything that comes with being daughters of the ‘Golden Rooster’, especially taking advantage of the name that their father left, because many people already take advantage and who better than them to take advantage, it would be nothing more than to manage them, come to an agreement and get to work ”.

Another controversy in which Elizalde’s daughters are involved is the dispute over the inheritance that they brought to their grandmother Camila valencia, who allegedly would have prevented them from accessing the assets of more than 20 million pesos left by the singer.

According to the program “The sun rises”, Valeria and Gabriela revealed that Valentin’s mother and executor changed all of the artist’s properties to her name; as well as other members of his family have sold some of his assets over the last few years.

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