Valentina Zenere’s character will cause trouble in Elite 5

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The fourth season of Elite it is a complete success. After the furor that was Elite Week, which lasted from June 14 to 17, the series premiered its new edition by reopening the doors of Las Encinas on June 18 to make way for a new group of students who arrived at the most prestigious school from Madrid to turn the lives of the legendary high school students upside down.

However, in order not to lose the fury of its fourth part, Elite He has already immersed himself in the filming of the fifth season, which was confirmed several months ago. In fact, it was also ensured that the recordings of the fourth and fifth seasons began in unison, so the new chapters are already close to finishing their filming.

That is, soon, Netflix will announce that Elite 5 will arrive on the platform and, this implies that we will meet the two new stars of the cast: the Brazilian André Lamoglia and the Argentine Valentina Zenere. It is still unknown what role that both will take in this new edition, but the fans, who showed their happiness with the incorporation of these two Latino actors, already imagine all kinds of theories.

Now, between the two of them, the one who managed to get all the attention is Valentina Zenere. The Argentine interpreter, who traveled the world from her role as Alai Morales in the youth strip, Almost angelsIt is now the great news because of how she was compared to Ester Exposito and, in fact, many came to imagine that she could be the new “marquise” of Las Encinas.

Valentina Zenere and el set. Photo: (Netflix)

Although, among all the theories, there is one that rang loudest. Around the role of Zenere a secrecy was generated that caused many doubts and, therefore, fans began to imagine that she would be the new villain of the cast. As it transpired, Valentina could play the girl that Prince Phillippe called in the last chapter of the fourth season admitting to having abused her.

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And, if so, his arrival would not only complicate the image of Pol Granch’s character, but also his relationship with Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), who is “Cinderella” of the heir to the Franco-Spanish royalty. Even so, it should be clarified that there is no official confirmation.

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