Valheim Announces Its First Major Update; date and new cinematic trailer

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Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio announced Wednesday the first major content update for Valheim, the Viking Age survival title that captured the attention of millions of players earlier this year. The game has not missed the Gamescom 2021 appointment with the new animated cinematic trailer of this great update, Hearth & Home, during the Opening Night Live. The update will be published this 16 of September all over the world for free for their players.

This is Hearth & Home, the great update of Valheim

The cooperative survival game will thus receive new content that will expand the already known Nordic life. The trailer shown during the conference shows us the lonely journey of a Viking who alone killed the powerful Moder; now he is on his way home, where a great feast awaits him in the living room. It’s not by chance: food is one of the main protagonists of the Valheim update.

This expansion will focus on improve main base construction and survival mechanics. Hearth & Home will offer even more tools to create our communal cabin and prepare feasts of all kinds.

Hearth & Home brings with it new functionalities that have been revealed little by little by the development team. For instance, new kitchen extensions to add spicers, butcher tables, pots and pans. These tools come to complement the power system, which will directly impact the gaming experience. The better the balance of the diet, the better we can adapt our style of play. Will also be added changes to shields and lockdown mechanics.

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There’s still more. Iron Gate Studio is preparing for this update a treasure cave with new building pieces and completely new window hatches, made of dark wood materials.

Initially developed by a team of just five people, Valheim debuted on Steam Early Access this past February to undeniable success. With more than 7 million units sold in two months and peaks of more than 500,000 simultaneous players, the history of the game continues its course with the largest update to date.

Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing, said on the occasion of the announcement: “As the first major update, it was always important to us that Hearth & Home improved the core gameplay that made fans fall in love with Valheim in the first place, all while adding new content and mechanics that make it possible to play with even more depth. “

Valheim is available on PC via Steam. This big update, Hearth & Home, will be released on September 16.


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