Valorant: streamers accused of participating in money laundering scheme

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Twitch’s security breach has culminated with thousands of data leaked and exposed on the network. In addition to the source code and revenue earned by several of the world’s best-known content creators, it has also been made public that some turkish streamers they have managed to amass unusually large amounts of money. They played Valorant and had received significant donations despite their low views. Now an illegal money laundering scheme has been discovered.

The investigation has determined that these streamers were offered an agreement, whereby they had to return between 50% and 70% of income. On the surface, this black money was returning to its illegitimate owners legally, when in reality it came from stolen credit cards and Twitch accounts. Although the person who leaked all the data from Twitch has placed special emphasis on this case, it is not clear if this was the main reason for airing all the information.

Will they be expelled from Valorant?

Riot Games, creators of Valorant, have not yet reported on the next steps, although streamers are expected to be kicked out. Erdinç İyikul, from the Turkish division, acknowledged on November 1 that the company was aware of the facts. However, they will wait for the authorities to reveal the information. These are the alleged streamers involved:

  • Dilâra Toprakci – Player BBL sports
  • Kaan ‘brasco’ Elver – Player of Fire Flux Esports
  • Ekrem ‘logicman’ Aydin – Jugador de BBL esports
  • Semih ‘LEGOO’ Selvi – BBL sports player
  • lurzy0y0 – Player of Fire Flux Esports
  • Orçun ‘farewell’ Köroğlu – Jugador de Unity Esports
  • Yigithan ‘DeepMans’ Cutter – Streamer
  • Ibrahiim ‘cinar’ Cinar – Streamer
  • Tolga ‘bacyx’ Leg – Jugador de Digital Athletics
  • Gökay ‘tecoNe’ Noğayer – Jugador at Beşiktaş Esports
  • Uğur ‘Kuzuur’ Kiremitçi- Jugador de Digital Athletics
  • Ertuğrul ”TheCady” Koç – Streamer
  • Yusuf ‘Zz_yankas’ Yankaş -Streamer of Team Zero Zone
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Farewall and LEGOO have already admitted their involvement, although they say they were unaware that it was an illegal practice.

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