Valve announces Steam Deck: A handheld, $400 gaming PC

Valve announces Steam Deck: A handheld, $400 gaming PC

out in May your gossip Subsequently, Valve has officially announced the Steam Deck: a handheld gaming PC due later this year. As part of this month’s MRT First content, MRT With a special content that he got his hands on the Steam Deck in front of you. We also have a news about the FAQ that Valve answered. But first of all, we share what you need to know in this news.

The Steam Deck has a similar form to the slightly larger Nintendo Switch, but comes with full PC capability. It runs on a modified version of Valve’s SteamOS operating system. The console-like interface allows you to navigate the Steam Store and Steam Library with ease as well. It also provides an unrestricted desktop experience, so you can install any third-party apps you want (including games that aren’t on Steam).

In terms of hardware, it finds the Steam Deck’s 7-inch, 1280×800 resolution, 60hz LCD display. A quad-core AMD, Zen 2 CPU carries eight threads. It also houses eight CUs (computing units) connected to the RDNA2 GPU and has 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM. Which means it’s theoretically more powerful than the Nintendo Switch, meaning it’ll run modern games impressively well. By comparison, I ran Jedi Fallen Order on a Steam Deck in development with high graphics settings almost flawlessly. It can also freeze running games like consoles. Valve says its intention is to give players on-the-go access to the entire Steam library.

To make it even better, the controllers on both sides of the screen have all the buttons, triggers, full-size joysticks and more you would expect from a modern gamepad. Joysticks are capacitive, meaning it senses whether it’s in your hand or not. There is also a small trackpad under both, which you can use as a mouse function. There are also four buttons on the back of the Steam Deck. You can assign whatever function you want to them. The screen is also a touchscreen that supports multiple commands.

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Also, Steam Deck has bluetooth support. You can connect a device that you can connect to any PC (including, of course, devices like Apple AirPods). It can be docked and connected to an external display, and if you want to use it like a standard PC, you can also connect a mouse and keyboard. Although Valve will release its own custom dock, any third-party dock with USB-C adapters will work as well.

Speaking of sales, the Steam Deck will come in three models. But the only difference between them will be storage capacity and storage speed, while graphics and other features will be the same. The base version will have 64GB capacity and will cost $399. The 256GB model will cost $529. The largest 512GB model costs $649. This device will also have a special glass with anti-reflective integrated on the screen. The top two models will also have NVM with SSDs, and all three models will be able to install and run games via the SD card. This will increase capacity.

Steam Deck doesn’t have a firm release date, but it’s expected to launch around the 2021 Christmas holiday. Valve President also told MRT at this point that it is quite difficult to implement this price scale, but they have to do it. All three models will come with a special carrying case, and a pre-order system will also take place before the sale.

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