Valve may be working on a stand-alone VR headset

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Valve, Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest, which can work alone Quest 2 may be working on a similar virtual reality goggle.

First YouTuber (SadlyItsBradley) Brad Lynch’in he noticed These codes are included in Valve’s SteamVR codes and contain multiple references to a device called “Deckard”. Lynch points out that the information in question was last updated in June, and that there are multiple versions of the VR headset, including a “workable version”. There is also a statement in the lines of code that it will be “standalone”, that is, that it can work alone. In other lines of code, he emphasizes that Deckard will also have an internal processor, meaning that it can do business without connecting to another device.

The Ars Technica news site also spoke about Deckard’s existence through its own sources. He made the news and said that the information Lynch gave was correct, but stressed that not all of Valve’s designs made it to the production line all the time. Ars Technica also stated that the aforementioned VR glasses have advanced optics, so you can hold the glasses closer to your eyes. This promises better weight distribution and performance.

Valve’s virtual glasses in 2019 Index, but that device needed external sensors and PC connection. It’s interesting to hear news that Valve is working on a standalone VR headset, as the company owns its own handheld console device. Steam Deck dealing with it and will soon release it. Steam Deck’in SSSAlthough some statements in ..

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