Van der Vaart does not bite his tongue after the defeat of Spain

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Van der Vaart does not bite his tongue after the defeat of Spain

Although he no longer plays football, Rafael van der Vaart, now involved in commentator work, was the man from the previous one in the Spain-Slovakia. His fierce criticism of Spain was taken as an affront in the dressing room of the national team. Luis Enrique, who reacted in the decisive match by endorsing a hand to get into the second round. The former Dutch footballer reacted with humor on his social networks to the Spanish win.

“Spain is horrible, they just pass the ball from one side to the other, I hope it touches us,” he had written Van der Vaart on their social networks before the match of the national team Luis Enrique in view of Slovakia. Several of our players took it personally and who knows if the Dutchman’s words became an encouragement for the Spanish team.

«It seems that my words served as motivation for the Spanish team. Good game tonight, congratulations on reaching the crosses », he tweeted Van der Vaart, who took his erroneous prediction with humor.

Van der Vaart had, by his own words, placed himself in the eye of the hurricane for his fierce criticism of Spain’s game, which touched on the lack of respect towards the internationals of Luis Enrique, which he described as “horrible.”

Several Spanish players, such as veterans Boil O Busquets, they replied to the former Dutch player and spoiled his “lack of respect”, in addition to predicting that his provocative words could serve as a “stimulus” to those of Luis Enrique.

Var der Vaart has captured the spotlight in the Spanish press before and after the duel against Slovakia, but has also crept into the chronicles of his own country after the 5-0 with which Spain sealed its pass to the second round.

“The storm in Spain evaporates the criticism of Rafael van der Vaart”, headlines the digital edition of The Telegraph. The most widely read newspaper in the Netherlands adds that the words of the former Dutch international seem “to have had an effect on the Spanish team”, which “swept Slovakia in Seville.”

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