Vandals whitewash a monument to the victims of slavery in France

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Vándalos blanquean un monumento a las víctimas de la esclavitud en Francia

Unidentified vandals ‘whitewashed’ in Bordeaux (France) a monument to the victims of slavery. This Monday morning, the bronze statue of the Ethiopian Modeste Testas, a slave bought by merchants from that French city, appeared covered in white.

“The bust of a black person was repainted white,” declared city councilor Stéphane Gomot, in charge of heritage and memory, who called the attack a “racist and misogynistic act” and assured that the city council would file a formal complaint.

Gomot stressed that in addition to being an attack on an artistic project, vandalizing the statue of the African slave “is an act of denial, an attack on deportees and victims of slavery, an attack on women,” he quotes his words. France 3 Aquitaine.

  • The statue of Modeste Testas, the work of the Haitian sculptor Caymitte Woodly, known as Filipo, was inaugurated in Bordeaux on May 10, 2019, on the National Day of Remembrance of the Slave Trade, Slavery and its Abolition.
  • After the act of vandalism, the municipal services were in charge of cleaning the monument to restore its original appearance.

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