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‘Vanderpump Rules’: Ariana Madix Defends Concerns About Relationship

‘Vanderpump Rules’: Ariana Madix Defends Concerns About Relationship

Vanderpump Rules star and Love Island USA host Ariana Madix has been defending her relationship with Daniel Wai, which started in the spring of 2023. Her family and co-stars were initially worried about her rushing into a new relationship quickly after her dramatic breakup. Keep reading for more details on how the couple is doing after more than a year of long distance and some tumultuous times.

Following the ‘Scandoval’ scandal, Ariana Madix was devastated. She had trusted her longtime boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, with whom she had shared a nearly decade-long relationship and a home. The revelation of his affair with her best friend, Rachel Leviss, left her shattered. Despite previous infidelities, this betrayal felt like a whole new level of heartbreak for Ariana. Interestingly, amid the chaos, Ariana found herself attending a wedding.

It was there that she met Daniel Wai. Initially, nothing romantic happened between them, especially since Ariana lived in California and Daniel was based in New York City. However, they began a long-distance friendship that gradually evolved into a romantic relationship. During Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, co-star Lala Kent expressed concerns over how quickly Ariana seemed to move on with Daniel. Many observers thought Ariana was rushing things, but she insisted theirs was a slow progression. Daniel eventually appeared on the show, and Lala continued to voice her harsh opinions about him.

Ariana’s estranged brother and Scheana Shay also shared their skepticism about Daniel. Yet, Ariana had a firm response for all the critics. According to Bravo, she stated, “Here’s the thing, he could literally turn out to be, which he’s not, a f-cking con artist. And guess what? I’ll be fine. I’ll take care of myself regardless.”

She emphasized how supportive Daniel had been, even as her career took off following the scandal. She landed a role on Dancing With the Stars, got various endorsement deals, and secured a part in the Broadway musical Chicago, which proved so successful her role was extended. Ariana is set to reprise this role in August for another month due to high demand.

Despite the fears of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars, things with Daniel have worked out well. While participating in Dancing With The Stars, Daniel frequently flew in from NYC to support her. When she was performing in Chicago, they didn’t live together but he was present at many of her shows. Most recently, he has been in Fiji while she films Love Island USA. Given all these signs, this relationship may indeed be the real thing. And even if it isn’t, Ariana has learned the value of having someone who truly loves and supports her.

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Source: TV Shows Ace, Bravo