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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Rachel Leviss & New Man Have Split

Former Vanderpump Rules star Rachel Leviss and her new man, Matthew Dunn, are already over. The duo have called it quits after just two months together but what caused it to end so quickly? More so, who ended the romance? Keep reading for more details.

The only men that Vanderpump Rules fans have known Rachel Leviss with are DJ James Kennedy and Tom Sandoval. She was with James from Season 5 through 9 when the two got engaged. They ended that right before the reunion and then she was living her best single life. That meant dating SUR manager, Peter Madrigal and RHOBH star, Garcelle Beauvais’ son, Oliver who may or may not have still been married. She also kissed Tom Schwartz but all along, she was having a months-long affair with Tom Sandoval. He was her best friend, Ariana Madix’s boyfriend of nearly a decade.

Rachel Leviss-Instagram
Rachel Leviss-Instagram

This was a huge scandal aka ‘Scandoval’ so Rachel opted to check herself into a mental health facility though she was still in communication with Sandoval. After leaving, she opted not to return to the series and focus on herself and starting a podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue. She speaks a lot about her time on Vanderpump and her interactions with the cast despite wanting to stay under the radar. Then, a short time ago, Rachel began dating single father, Matthew Dunn. He seemed to be the polar opposite of her past flings but now, it appears to be over.

Rachel Leviss, Matthew Dunn-Instagram
Rachel Leviss, Matthew Dunn-Instagram

According to The Sun, Rachel Leviss chose to end the relationship for a very specific reason. It seems that she did not like how Matthew was showing off their romance on his social media. He had made a snap of the two of them his profile picture. Yet, the moment that the news broke they were together, he quickly changed it back to a selfie. She opened up about the demise on the June 28th episode of her podcast:

“He told me one thing and his actions were different. I asked him not to post on social media because it was too soon in the relationship. We were dating for a month.”

After everything being so public for Rachel Leviss, it makes sense why she wanted Matthew Dunn to keep things lowkey. Especially until they figured out if things were going to work, knowing that the press was going to jump on the story. After they attended Stagecoach, Matthew took it upon himself to change his profile picture to one of them:

“The media caught wind of that, and it was just this whole thing. I had to end it. It was hard. It was sad because we had a good connection, good conversation and he was emotionally stable and emotionally intelligent.”

Rachel had to understand that she was a part of a very successful show. Though she opted out of Season 11, she did not go into hiding but rather gave a controversial interview to Bethenny Frankel. Then, she started her own podcast so she has not been under the radar. Still, Rachel went on to add:

“Obviously those are standard things but those were new things for me to experience. It just seemed like maybe he either had an impulse control issue because we agreed not to do that or he wanted to post to, like, show me off.”

Hopefully, the next person she meets will be much more understanding of her needs and wants. Until then, Rachel will just have to keep the search going.

Do you think it makes sense why Rachel broke up with Matthew or did she expect too much from him? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Sun