Vanessa Guzmán responds in a forceful way to those who affirm that her body is very masculine

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After her victory in a bodybuilding contest, the former beauty queen received all kinds of comments about her figure.

Vanessa Guzmán has shown that, after being a beauty queen and competing for Miss Universe, life goes on. After passing through important competitions, the Chihuahuan decided to dedicate herself to acting, which led her to star in several projects that marked the fans.

After some time away, the former star of Dare to dream She reappeared on social media looking very changed.

Vanessa adopted a healthier lifestyle, focused on sports, which allowed her to develop a more marked and toned body.

The former Nuestra Belleza México 1995 would reveal in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda that for years she suffered from eating disorders, which took a heavy toll on her physical and mental health.

But his transformation has not been to the liking of some users, especially women, he indicated in a recent interview.

After winning a bodybuilding contest, Vanessa Guzmán received a barrage of teasing and negative comments that pointed out that she looked very masculine, that she did not look good.

In a resounding way, the former star of Infamous made it clear that he will not stop doing what he loves.

His words, in the video above.

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