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Vanessa Hudgens shares first update post-baby with husband Cole Tucker

Vanessa Hudgens shares first update post-baby with husband Cole Tucker

Vanessa Hudgens is welcoming a new chapter in her life with the arrival of her first baby with husband Cole Tucker, the Major League Baseball player. The 35-year-old High School Musical alum shared her elation and a touch of exasperation in a heartfelt message since the birth of their child, making clear the family’s joy and health.

In an Instagram Story posted on July 4th, Vanessa’s maternal instincts were evident as she expressed the bliss of the moment. “Mom, dad, and baby are happy and healthy,” she stated, encapsulating the sentiment that so many new parents share.

The specifics of the child’s birthdate, sex, and name remain private, but Vanessa and Cole were seen leaving a Santa Monica hospital on July 3rd, which also happened to be Cole’s 28th birthday. This serendipitous timing added another layer of celebration to their joyous occasion.

On the eve of this significant day, Vanessa paid a touching tribute to her husband on Instagram. “Happy birthday to my slice of heaven @cotuck,” she wrote, accompanied by a collection of sweet photos of the couple, highlighting their deep affection and connection.

Their love story, culminating in a wedding last December, continues to captivate fans around the globe. Vanessa has chosen to keep a low profile during her pregnancy, valuing privacy over public attention. Her last months of pregnancy were spent away from the spotlight, allowing her to focus on family.

Vanessa did, however, open up in a rare interview with E! News in May, sharing her thoughts and future plans about motherhood. She discussed her intent to introduce her children to her diverse career. “That’s why I chose things along the way in my career,” she elaborated. “I wanted to make sure that when I did have kids, there would be something for them to watch at every age.”

Despite the demands of pregnancy, Vanessa remained dedicated to her professional commitments, completing the filming of Bad Boys: Ride or Die. This demonstrated her remarkable work ethic and tenacity. Co-star Will Smith sang praises for her dedication in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, noting the challenges of filming around her baby bump. “It was really [about] trying to figure out how to shoot around [the bump],” he recalled, noting Vanessa’s impressive ability to balance her personal and professional lives.

Smith added a personal touch, reflecting on his own experiences as a father of three. “You’ll always be able to tell your child that they were in this scene with you,” he remarked warmly, illustrating the unique bond parents share with their children.

Vanessa and Cole’s journey into parenthood is being met with enthusiasm and well-wishes from fans and followers. This new chapter in their lives not only celebrates their love but also marks the beginning of their adventure as a family. The world eagerly looks forward to more updates and glimpses into their beautiful family moments.

Source: Getty, E! News, Entertainment Tonight