Vanessa Terkes confesses that Pietro Sibille was in treatment after Andrea Luna and Andrés Wiese ampay

Vanessa Terkes confesses that Pietro Sibille was in treatment after Andrea Luna and Andrés Wiese ampay

Vanessa Terkes visited the program “América Hoy” this Wednesday and surprised the hosts after revealing that Pietro Sibille He was in psychological treatment after the ampay where Andrea Luna is seen kissing with Andrés Wiese in a nightclub in Miami, United States.

“Vanessa, as an actress known not only in our country, you will have been dismayed by this news that has come out, where Pietro says that Andrea Luna was unfaithful to Andrés Wiese; however, her response has left us cold ”, Janet Barboza consulted the actress.

After that, Terkes revealed that he knew that Andrea Luna’s ampay “fell like a bucket of cold water” on his colleagueHe even said that he had to abandon the movie that was hanging around and began with psychological treatment.

“I remember the moment because I have friends who were making a movie with Pietro, this fell like a bucket of cold water on him, in fact, he had to leave the movie, he went into treatment. So … what makes me sad is that after so long I still have that pain “, told the actress of “Travesuras del corazón.”

“Six months have passed since the ampay”, The popular ‘rulitos’ immediately responded. “About”, the actress said.

“Vanessa is telling us, our guest, that when Pietro – Andrea Luma’s partner for seven years – finds out (about the ampay) he falls into a depression and has to leave the set and enter therapy, as it would hurt anyone” , Ethel Pozo said for her part.

At dawn on December 2, actor Pietro Sibille shared a publication in which he assured that his sentimental ex-partner Andrea Luna was unfaithful to him with fellow actor Andrés Wiese. Both were apt kissing in a disco in Miami, the United States.

“Yes. I could not bear the lie anymore. What Andrea Luna said is totally false. We were together when he did what he did with that idiot Andrés Wiese (he’s not even a good actor). Point”, wrote on the social network, accompanied by the lyrics of a song by Joaquín Sabina.

For her part, Andrea Luna defended herself from the accusations hours later with an extensive message in which she confessed that she had been trying for a long time to get out of the “toxic relationship” she had with Pietro.

“I woke up to the news that Pietro Sibille (who is surely drunk and mistreating someone) said that I was supposedly ‘unfaithful’ to him This is completely FALSE! I was trying to get out of this toxic relationship for years where I was physically and psychologically abused … I was blackmailed to continue a relationship that had no head or tail, where this man told me that if I did not continue with him he would commit suicide “, Luna assured. It should be noted that after the actress’s post, Pietro deleted her message on Instagram.

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