Vania Bludau responds to the ‘Dancing Engineer’ after accusing her of discrimination

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Vania Bludau responded to Yeiner Pinedo, better known as the ‘Dancing Engineer’, who claimed to be a victim of discrimination after asking for a photograph when both artists coincided on the set of the program “Mujeres al Mando”.

“High birth: I grew up in Pueblo Libre, playing in the park on my block. High society friends: friends who are production people, who have known me since 2012 when I started in television and I love them very much “Bludau wrote in the stories on his Instagram account.

“Hallucinated: For not wanting to be grabbed by the waist for a photo because it is uncomfortable, especially from strangers. (When I actually took a selfie and then another photo). Discrimination and racism: They are serious accusations of the personal perspectives of the Lord ”added the model and influencer.

Finally, Bludau pointed out that he awaits the rectification of the ‘Dancing Engineer’ because he is receiving hatred from various users on social networks, his source of work.

“You have to be careful because this is defamation, because of these accusations at this moment I am receiving so much hate that it is worrying. I will keep waiting for him to retract because one cannot go through life inventing and throwing out adjectives that one imagines “, he concluded.

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