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Vanna White Celebrates Lookalike Daughter Gigi’s 27th Birthday

Vanna White’s lookalike daughter, Giovanna Santo Pietro, turned 27 this week, and her TV personality mother did not hesitate to show her off on Instagram. Vanna posted side-by-side photos of Giovanna, or Gigi, as a baby and as an adult with dark shades on and a tattoo on her arm. “You’re so beautiful, smart, kind, and a talented artist! I love you, Gigi!” Vanna gushed.

Vanna’s fans filled her comments with kind words and wishes for the young lady, who is a skilled tattoo artist. “Happy Birthday! Imagine getting a tattoo done by Vanna White’s daughter!!!” a follower exclaimed. “Vanna you have a beautiful daughter,” another praised.

Gigi was born to Vanna and her ex-husband George Santo Pietro, whom she left in 2002. Gigi, Born in 1997, studied photography at the New York University and now works at Lincoln Tattoo Company in Los Angeles. She loves her job, and Vanna looks forward to getting matching heart tattoos with her soon.

She has grown into a fine woman, and some share the opinion that she looks a lot like her famous mom. “Very pretty, she does look like you with dark hair,” a fan wrote on Vanna’s page. “Happiest birthday to your gorgeous daughter! She is your mini-me!” another echoed.

Gigi’s birthday came amid news about Vanna’s tenure on Wheel Of Fortune likely coming to an end as she can hardly relate with the new host, Ryan Seacrest. Regardless of where her career will take her, the 67-year-old takes celebrating her children seriously, with a throwback photo of Gigi and her older brother, Nikko Santo Petto, also appearing on her feed.

Like her brother, Gigi is hardly in the spotlight; but she runs an Instagram page that displays her tattoo work. She loves the challenge that tattoo artistry brings, which involves working with the pressure of people trusting you to not make a mistake. Vanna is a proud mom to her two kids, and with the noise and speculation surrounding her hosting career, she might just quit to spend more quality time with her children.

Source: TMZ, People