Venezuela conducts a study to measure covid-19 infections in closed places

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Caracas, Aug 5 (EFE) .- Venezuela began a study to measure carbon dioxide levels to assess the risk of contagion of covid-19 in closed spaces, the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez-Ramírez, reported this Thursday .

“This measurement of CO2 concentrations in enclosed spaces is part of a scientific study that will serve as the basis for developing an orientation guide in our country that allows us to learn to live with the virus that causes covid-19 under maximum care,” he said. Jiménez quoted in a press release from the Ministry of Communication.

According to the text, the first evaluations began at the Caracas Metro facilities and are being carried out by specialists from the National Center for Development and Research in Telecommunications (Cendit), in cooperation with the Vice Presidency of Public Services.

The minister also explained that the measurement of carbon dioxide, “as an indicator of ventilation in closed spaces, is a tool to correlate the possibility of contagion of the new coronavirus” and said that, the higher the concentration of people in closed spaces without ventilation, there is “higher concentration” of carbon dioxide.

In that sense, he indicated that carbon dioxide levels “provide a risk indicator” that is “related to the fact of breathing the air swept by a person infected” with covid-19.

Venezuela has announced several studies related to covid-19, one of them, a possible treatment to cure the disease, carvativir, which still does not have scientific endorsement.

On March 7, the Minister of Science and Technology also indicated that her country’s scientists were studying more than 40 molecules against covid-19 in order to contribute and find solutions that help counteract this virus in the world.

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Venezuela registers to date, according to the Government, a total of 309,218 infections and 3,649 deaths since the pandemic began more than a year ago.

As of July 25, a total of 3,612,473 citizens had been vaccinated in Venezuela, according to President Nicolás Maduro at the time.

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