Venezuela invites 120 countries to invest in the nation in the energy sector

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The sectoral vice president of Economy of Venezuela, Tareck El Aissami, invited on Friday some 120 countries that participated in the Summit of the Voice of the Global South to invest in the Caribbean nation to “develop the energy potential and make it available to the great needs demanded” by the world.

“Venezuela is ready and prepared to produce, export, sign contracts and agreements with all energy companies in the world. We are an open-door nation that meets all the conditions for production, preserving all legal guarantees,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Petroleum during their participation in the virtual summit, hosted by India.

The official said that, in the face of the “global energy reality,” the South American country hopes to continue “promoting concrete solutions” to “overcome shared challenges and work in joint areas,” in order to “strengthen and consolidate, every day, potential energy goals,” without neglecting environmental protection.

In the company of the Indian ambassador to Venezuela, Abhishek Singh, the minister proposed the creation of an energy development bank, in order to “leverage and sustain projects for the diversification” of nations, as quoted in a press release from the Ministry of Economy of the Caribbean nation.

Likewise, El Aissami rejected the sanctions imposed by the United States, which have “dramatically affected the energy security of the peoples.”

This summit, which took place between 12 and 13 January, was an initiative of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, within the framework of the presidency of the G20 and with the aim of identifying points of view of developing countries.

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