Venom director spoke of crossover with Spider-Man

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There is less and less for Venom: Let there be Carnage, the second film with Tom Hardy like the symbiote of Marvel, hit theaters. This time with direction of Andy Serkis, will seek to reverse the complicated criticism that received the first film released in 2018. At the time, the humor of the film was quite questioned, but still, the box office was more than favorable (856 million dollars) so that Sony give the green light to a second movie.

The first Venom movie had a budget of between $ 100 and $ 116 million. (IMDb)

The sequel to Venom will be released in October, and one of the great doubts of the fans of Marvel had to do with the possibility of seeing an apparition of Spider-Man. Sony continues with the idea of ​​building a movie universe around the characters of the Spiderman, with Morbius and Kraven the Hunter already confirmed. Connections with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are somewhat confusing and, at the moment, only the Peter Parker from Tom Holland is part of the saga.

This, of course, does not prevent the studio that owns the image rights to the characters in Marvel continue with your own franchise. In 2019, Tom Holland had to intercede so that Sony and Disney reach an agreement that would allow Spider-Man will continue as part of the Avengers. In this context, it was not clear what could happen to Spider-Man and Venom, two classic rivals in the comics, who also faced each other in one of the films of Sam Raimi.

venom spiderman

Venom appeared in Sam Raimi’s third Spider-Man movie. (IMDb)

In an interview with MRT, Serkis He referred to the future of the saga and made it clear what will happen between the character of Tom Hardy and Spider Man, “The question on everyone’s lips”, as defined. “Of course it’s going to happen. But I think there is so much … Look, it depends on when you want to get there, and also what the appetite is “, assured Serkis. In this regard, he noted: “If people want stories of Venomthen go straight to Spider-Man It could make a lot of great supervillains get lost. “. The patience of the fans will be the key to see if the universe of Venom it may or may not expand.

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What will be the axis of the Venom sequel

In 2018, when Venom made it to the cinema, it did not fail to fulfill the premise of all the films of Marvel: have a post-credit scene that builds and expands the cinematic universe. In the case of the film Tom Hardy could be seen for the first time Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson). According to the official synopsis, Let there be Carnage will be set 18 months after the events of the first film, when Eddie Brock He regained some prestige as a journalist.

Venom 2 will show Brock interview to Kasady, one of the most recognized serial killers of the marvel universe, who will become the host of another of the symbiotes, Carnage. As seen in the first movie, Venom He is not the only alien who arrived on the space mission investigated by Carlton Drake and Life Foundation. A failed execution will suffice for Cletus escape and start causing disaster next to Carnage.

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