Venom There Will Be Carnage: Who is Carnage / Carnage in the Marvel Universe?

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Venom: There will be Matanza is now available in cinemas throughout Spain. After a premiere marked by several records at the box office in the United States, the new Symbiote film comes from the hand of Andy Serkis and a Tom Hardy willing to improve his performance as Venom. However, this second part has Carnage / Matanza as its other great protagonist. We tell you who he is and what he represents in the Marvel Universe.

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Massacre or Massacre, two sides of the same coin

Carnage / Carnage is one of the most dangerous and evil sub-villains in the entire Marvel Universe. Belonging to the Spider-Man Universe, like Venom, we are talking about Cletus Kasady, a popular serial killer who killed his parents as a child. Cletus was raised on an orphan in Brooklyn, and he’s certainly not a well-rounded person, but an unbalanced one.

After being sentenced to life in prison at Ravencroft, he shared a cell with Eddie Brock (Venom), who had recently separated from the symbiote. For different circumstances, a part of that extraterrestrial symbiote ends up merging with Kasady and results in this supervillain: Massacre / Carnage / Carnage.

This criminal, in charge of sowing chaos wherever he goes, is extremely dangerous, a serial killer has appeared in numerous arcs of the Spider-Man comics. His first appearance dates back to # 244 of The Amazing Spider-Man, in 1992. Since then, we have even seen him in the Ultimate Universe. He is very popular and has even been the main villain of video games as Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage (SNES, 1994), a title in which Spider-Man and Venom team up to take down Cletus Kasady.

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In the Venom movie: There will be Carnage he is portrayed by Woody Harrelson. The film can already be seen in cinemas throughout Spain.

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