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Vernestra Rwoh’s Real-Life Appearance Revealed in The Acolyte

Using makeup to create its characters highlights “The Acolyte’s” commitment to practical effects. Rebecca Henderson, who stars in the “Star Wars” project, discussed her experience with Empire. “The sets were practically built. There was nothing to distinguish me from being an actual Jedi in the Temple. We rarely worked with blue screen at all. Sometimes I would forget that I was green, and I would look in the mirror again and be like, ‘Oh my God,'” she shared.

Henderson is among several cast members in “The Acolyte” who may seem familiar to the audience. Her experience on film sets undoubtedly contributed to the confidence she brought to her character. Vernestra Rwoh, her character, became a Jedi Knight at the young age of 15. However, in “The Acolyte,” she’s portrayed as older and more revered. Episode 6 features her acting as a liaison between the Jedi Council and the Senate, illustrating the respect she’s garnered from her peers. Yet, she hasn’t forgotten how to fight, as shown when Vernestra skillfully uses her lightwhip on an umbramoth.

The future of “The Acolyte” and whether it will return for Season 2 is still uncertain. However, Henderson expressed a strong desire to reprise her role if the story continues. “I would love to play her again,” she told Empire. “I had such a deep experience playing someone like this. It was fun to play someone so still and powerful.” Of course, this is all contingent on Vernestra surviving until the end of “The Acolyte,” which has already seen a significant number of character deaths.

Source: Empire