Version control: Git client Tower 7 for Mac puts commits on a new footing

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Version 7 of the Mac edition of the Desktop-Git-Client Tower has been released. The new release brings significant changes in the workflow for commits, which tower users can now apparently provide with more context. Issues, other commits and files should be referenced directly in version 7 for Mac, according to the announcement in the Git Tower blog. The release also offers a search and autocomplete option if you # types in: This should work both in the subject and in the body field and also for search terms such as closes/fixes/resolves be valid.

If you want to use this new function, you must first set up a service account in the service view. Tower then offers existing entries from the GitHub or GitLab accounts of the users for selection and supplementation. Commit references can also be accessed by entering c browse and auto-complete. In order to reference a modified file from the current working copy, you have to enter Backslash apparently the fastest way. The simple slash / however, opens an overview of the available commands and makes suggestions for completion.

New in the settings of Tower 7 is a menu entry called Editor: With this, users can limit the number of characters for the subject and body of commit messages and define a line break method (soft or hard wrap). As an alternative to the previous so-called fixup and squash of Git Actions, commit messages with the keyword fixup! respectively squash! kick off. According to the blog entry, the tool then lets them select the action from the existing commits. For those who have never worked with Tower, there is In the documentation, help with handling the Git client.

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Some changes have also been made in the area of ​​usability. Among other things, the implementation of workflows should be accelerated: The input of Enter in the subject field leads directly to the body field, and this field now allows scrolling and adjusting its size.

Further information can be found the announcement in the Git Tower blogthat links to download sources. There is one at Tower free trial version for macOS and for Windows, and according to the provider, Tower Pro can be used free of charge for enrolled students and teaching staff at educational institutions.


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