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Victoria Pedretti could not be Love Quinn in You for this reason

The third season of You arrived at Netflix It has been more than a week and has made something very clear: it is, without a doubt, one of the favorites of the last few years on the platform. Quickly, he positioned himself between the trends and users did not stop sharing on social networks their theories of what will happen in the fourth installment. What is the fundamental appeal? Their protagonists Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti. However, the series could have been very different.

And it is that the actress of 26 years that gives life to Love Quinn he actually had other plans for this fiction. Today he plays the couple of Joe Goldberg, with whom he shares his son Henry and with whom he decided to start a new life in Madre Linda. But she herself has revealed in dialogue with Byrdie that before the second, third and fourth seasons were thought about, he had auditioned to be Beck!

Joe’s first obsession – which we see on screen – is that of a college student who dreams of being a writer. In the first episodes aired on Netflix, the character of this charismatic and naive reader was in charge of Elizabeth Lail. But Victoria Pedretti was also among the candidates. In fact, he assured that he arrived “quite far in the selection process”.

She wanted it badly and finally it came: not only did she get the new lead role in YouBut she also had a lot more screen time with Love Quinn and really interesting conflicts that led her to expose her true talents as an actress and her ability to make the episodes engaging from beginning to end. AND the chemistry you have with your partner, Penn Badgley, is hypnotic and left subscribers to the platform wanting to see more.

In the interview, the actress confessed that she was still in college when she participated in the casting for the first season of You. They still did not know how successful it would be for Netflix and opted for Elizabeth Lail. Before long, he dazzled producers with his work on The Curse of Hill House and quickly was summoned to be part of the project which today is among the most viewed of the month.

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