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Victoria Pedretti would be in a relationship with a partner of You and is not Penn Badgley

A few weeks ago the third season of You and it quickly became one of the most chosen content by subscribers of the streaming service Netflix. There we had new episodes of the story that captivated the fans starring Victoria Pedretti in the role of Love Quinn. A few last rumors They assure that the actress would be dating an actor from the cast of the series. Who is it about?

It is clear that the fandom would want to see her together with Penn Badgley for the great chemistry they convey on screen, but the reality is that he is currently married to Domino Kirke since 2017 and together they were parents last year. For its part, Victoria She has never been seen accompanied or in a confirmed romance, so the news that arrived in the last hours can mark her love life.

+ Was love born in the filming of You?

The platform has several backgrounds of performers who saw each other’s faces for the first time on film and were attracted to each other there. In this case, some US media have already confirmed that Victoria Pedretti is in a love relationship with Dylan Arnold, who played Theo in season 3 of the show.

In fiction, Theo is part of the plot as a young man who returns home after his stepmother was murdered and decides to help Matthew, his stepfather. It is there that he meets his neighbor, Love Quinn, who came to the neighborhood to live a normal life with Joe Goldberg, but between both start a passionate relationship, which apparently crossed the screen.

The comments of the media and the theories of the fans assure every day that Pedretti and Arnold are already a consolidated couple after their scenes in You. The truth is that at the moment this is not confirmed and there are still no photos of them together. Nevertheless, romance is believed to grow indoors, as both actors prefer to keep their private lives a secret.

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