Victoria Season 4 – Is it Renewed or Not?

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Victoria is a British Television Drama that recounts Queen Victoria’s early life. The series covers her life from her ascension to the throne, when she was only 18, until her courting and marriage with Prince Albert. Thus, expect the show to be full of opulence, luxe British architecture, and rich culture and heritage. 

The first season of the series premiered in 2017 and instantly became a big hit. Following it, ITV launched two more seasons of the show. The third season ended in 2019, and ever since fans have been eyeing the updates related to its fourth installment. 

So, will Victoria Season 4 be renewed or not? Here are the updates. 

Victoria Takes you Back to the British Era 

Victoria is a historical drama created by Daisy Goodwin for ITV. Interestingly, it was created to fill the slot left behind by the highly sought-after Downton Abbey. Owing to the success of the historical drama, the channel wanted another period drama to keep their audience glued to the screen. Thus, the plan of filling this slot with a series based on British royalty became successful. 

The show was announced in September 2015, and Jenna Coleman agreed to play the role of Victoria, the protagonist. 

Will Victoria Season 4 Be Renewed? 

Victoria Season 3 ended with many unanswered plots, giving their fans a hint that the showrunners already have the fourth season in their mind. But there is no official word concerning its release as of now. Apparently, the creators have expressed a desire that they will take a break after the third season. Thus, the release date of the subsequent season is not nearby. 

What Happened at the End of Season 3? 

Following the two seasons, the third season shows the royal family growing significantly.

It starts with the Queen and Prince Consort with their six children. They struggle to balance work and home and quest with the issues to stand firm on and those to let go and compromise. Prince Albert is trying to find his place in the monarchy. He wants to have a voice that is heard and have his opinion considered as well. 

Albert’s effort to find his place resulted in the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was also his attempt to usher in modernization, new technology, new ideas, etc. While the primary focus of the third season is on the role and relationship between the Queen and Prince Albert, multiple subplots attempt to besmirch the monarchy. 

The influence of Lord Palmerston on the Queen as well as her policies is increasing. He aids Napoleon III and wants the monarchy to strengthen its ties with him, much to the chagrin of the parliament. Princess Feodora, the queen’s estranged half-sister, comes to visit. While introducing her to the Royal family, Prince Albert, and Queen Victoria attempt to marry her daughter into the German Royal Family. But Lord Palmerston convinces the princess to choose to marry her daughter to Napoleon III. 

The entire plot of the third season revolves around the messed-up relationships and friendships taking place in the palace. While some of them are resolved amicably, others need to be cut short unceremoniously. The last episode finished with Prince Albert collapsing in the palace, which may be an indication of his failing health. 

What is the Expected Cast of Victoria Season 4? 

Although the release date and other updates on the fourth season remain unknown, the fans have been continuously discussing the plot, the cast, and everything in between. Coming to the show’s cast, they are hoping to see the following favorite characters in the next season: 

  • Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria 
  • Tom Hughes as Prince Consort Albert 
  • Laurence Fox as Lord Palmerston 
  • Feargus O’Connor as Ben Cartwright 
  • Kate Fleetwood as Princess Feodora 
  • Joseph Weld as David Burnett. 

What is the Expected Plot of Season 4? 

The third season was full of fierce struggles. Europe is on the verge of an uprising along with the Chartist movement peaking in London, which prompts Victoria to leave for her survival. It also ends with a cliffhanger when Albert collapses next to Victoria. Whether he is dead or alive is still a mystery. 

If fans’ theories are to be believed the fourth season will be the harshest and darkest. It is so because it will most likely occur in 1852. The period is also said to be a violent and tumultuous period in the history of London.  

As per Daisy Goodman, a significant character from the series will die in the fourth season. However, it is doubtful that the character would be Prince Albert, as history tells about his survival for the next ten years. The fourth season will also highlight the many events that would take place after the great exhibition of 1851. 

All these events would be interesting to watch. You may as well run into other events such as the Crimean War, the First Indian Revolution of 1857, the Incorporation of the Indian sub-continent into the British Empire, the Anglo-Zulu wars, the Second Anglo-Afghan war, and many more. 

How Did Victoria Perform? 

The Victoria TV series was telecast in the United Kingdom on ITV and PBS Masterpiece in the United States of America. It was later released on many streaming platforms and received a good response worldwide. 

The overall rating of the show on Rotten Tomatoes is 87 percent. It stands at an impressive rating of 8.2 on IMDb and 67/100 on Metacritic. Besides such impressive ratings, the show has received positive feedback from the audience and critics. 

One of the critics has described the show as ‘captivating and unforgettable’. Rotten Tomatoes critiqued the performances of Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell as powerful. All three seasons have been praised for being absorbing. 

Apart from the positive response from critics and audiences, the series has been nominated many times for several awards under different categories. Victoria was recommended 18 times over the three seasons, out of which it won 11 awards. 

Lesser-Known BTS and Real-Life Facts about Victoria 

  • During the filming of a poignant scene between Victoria and Albert, they had to stop filming because some weird noise started coming out from the set. It turned out to be the noise of someone’s sobs. That someone was Daisy Goodman herself. As a result, she wasn’t allowed back on set for some time. 
  • According to an estimate, Queen Victoria wrote no less than 62 million words.
  • Queen Victoria was always known as Drina to her family. It was after she came to the throne, she insisted on being called Victoria.
  • Queen Victoria became the first royal bride to wear white at her wedding. She wanted to emphasize that she was getting married as an ordinary woman and not as the Queen. With her white dress, wearing white as a wedding dress became a trend. Before her, women would wear their best dress. 
  • When Victoria had severe period pains, she would take laudanum, an opiate derivative. 
  • The set where the filming of the Buckingham Palace scenes took place is an old aircraft hangar. Interestingly, it is also home to all kinds of wildlife. One day, the team had to stop shooting a tender scene between Victoria and Albert because an owl kept flying through the frame. 
  • Victoria was the first English Queen regnant to have children while she was still on the throne. She was elated when offered chloroform to take away the pain of labor. 
  • While shooting, some of the actors in the cast became immensely greedy for food. They would eat all the food prepared for the state banquet scenes. Thus, nothing would be left when they came to do the close-up. 
  • The French did not find Queen Victoria’s dress sense impressive. When she visited the French Queen, the courtiers laughed at her for she carried a bag embroidered with an image of a poodle that her daughter had made. 

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