Victoria Vinuesa: screenwriter, woman, Spanish and with 4 films underway in the US

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Madrid, Oct 2 (EFE) .- Victoria Vinuesa, psychologist and writer, is the only Spaniard who “being a woman and a foreigner” has managed to “sneak” four original scripts into the Hollywood market, four films that are already underway. told in an interview with Efe, very different from each other, but all commercial.

Because in the US, explains the entrepreneur, “either you are very flexible or they are looking for something else.”

“At the beginning it is very shocking,” she points out, “because you see that everything is commercialized, but I adapt to whatever there is, I am not very strict, I am always ready to change.”

Of course, he points out that his aspirations as a screenwriter are to “contribute something good, even if it is a very commercial story. I am clear – he adds – that business is business, and if it is not commercial, here you eat it, unless you are already very famous and then you already aspire to an Oscar, but not to earn money “.

“Having a project underway in the US is already difficult, but having not one, but four, being a foreigner, Spanish, a woman and not living there, because I have already come to Spain, is like a prodigy,” she admires herself.

The explanation says, it’s not “a good sponsor, which I don’t have”, he laughs, but the incessant work: “I work it out, eh? And I don’t stop until I have a script of the highest quality,” he says.

Vinuesa was born in Oviedo in 1974, graduated as a psychologist and began to write books on personal growth and well-being. One day he was commissioned to find someone to transform a novel into a script; after searching and “asking for quotes”, she decided to do it herself. This was fifteen years ago.

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He took a couple of courses and found he was very good at it. He started a new career, but his scripts were “too good for Spain”, an angry account that was put more than once as an excuse to block his way in his land.

“At that time I already realized that the Spanish market was very limited in proposals of this type, so I went to Los Angeles where I have been working ever since.”

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