VIDEO: A bezudo bear plants his face and puts a tiger bigger than him to flight

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A video of the confrontation between a bearded bear and a tiger that occurred in a national park in India has been published on the Internet.

In the images, shared by an officer of the Indian Forest Service, the feline can be seen looking in the direction of some bushes, from where the plantigrade appears.

Despite his disadvantage in terms of size, the bear stands up to him by standing on his hind legs and manages to drive away his rival, whom he even begins to chase.

The author of the publication explains that this tactic is frequently used by bears to appear larger and scare off other predators.

The habitat of sloth bears includes the subcontinent of India and some temperate climatic regions of Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

They feed mainly on ants and termites and, despite their relatively small size, they are considered a dangerous species for humans, since in the last two decades they have carried out hundreds of deadly attacks.

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