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VIDEO: A crowd denounces policemen who detain an African-American for his aggressive behavior as racists

A confrontation between the Vancouver City Police (Canada) and a crowd was about to break out in Inglesa Bay after agents arrested an African-American man on June 18 for his aggressive behavior. reports CTV. The video with the details of the event was recently released on networks.

The images show various people who they shout insults towards three policemen and labels them as racists, while the agents try to dominate the alleged offender who challenges his arrest.

Then a white passerby meddles in the altercation and an officer snatches his cell phone and throws it. However, another witness manages to push the passerby away. Finally, the uniformed they press the detainee to the ground and the reinforcements try to disperse the public.

Various versions

After what happened, the security body reported that one officer was hospitalized, while two others received cuts and bruises. As for the arrested, they described him as “an aggressor“as well as they specified that the man was detained after the officers intervened in a dispute that involved 10 persons.

“What happened last night was the direct result of this man’s aggressive behavior towards the Police and the public. He had no nothing to do with race, and it is irresponsible to suggest otherwise, “said Steve Addison, spokesman for the local Police Department, detailing that they will be presented multiple charges against the suspect.

For her part, Saina Rezaei, one of the witnesses to the dispute and a friend of the detainee, maintained that the man was trying to end the fight and accused the agents of racism, emphasizing that they ignored another white man who had participated in the struggle.

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