VIDEO: A customer gets into a fight with a Walmart worker and is KO

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VIDEO: Un cliente se enzarza en pelea con un trabajador de Walmart y queda K.O.

A shopper who went to a Walmart store in Englewood, New Jersey, was knocked out by an enraged employee, without it being yet clear what triggered the conflict between the two. The episode was recorded and published this Wednesday on the portal.

The video shows a man in a brown hoodie and black shorts pushing a cart at the worker and spitting on him, after which the clerk chases him and hits him twice on the head, causing the abuser to swing by. a moment and he falls knocked out with his eyes to the sky. At the same time, and for more, the fire alarm can be heard in the background.

So far the reason for the fight is unknown as well as whether it led to any legal action against one or the other of the protagonists.

WARNING: The following images may hurt your sensitivity.

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