VIDEO: A dog runs away for seven hours, returns home at dawn and rings the doorbell

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A couple from South Carolina (USA) who had lost their dog was absolutely surprised when the doorbell rang at dawn at dawn and they saw that it was their puppy Rajah, who had not only returned, but somehow had learned to touch to warn of his return, they collect local media.

Its owners, Mary and Ryan, claim that their pet had escaped from the backyard by being scared by fireworks. For a little over seven hours they searched for her around without success until at three in the morning Rajah made his way home and rang the bell with his muzzle. His feat was recorded by a camera integrated into the device.

“I can’t understand how he knew how to call, I never taught him how. He doesn’t go out into the front yard except to get to our car, so he’s never seen us use the doorbell. Ryan was waiting to see if he would show up. He saw her on the porch and ran to look for her, “says Mary.

Rajah, 18 months old, was in perfect condition, although full of thorns and somewhat smeared with excrement. Her owners claim that the dog looked heartbroken, as if she felt sad about something bad she did. He thought he had gotten into serious trouble and did not understand why his owners looked so happy. “It was very funny and we couldn’t stop laughing,” says the woman.

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