VIDEO: A man uses an alligator’s mouth to open a beer can

A man from Florida (USA) who decided to use an alligator to help him open a can of beer has gone viral on the Internet thanks to a video that already exceeds one million views and has caused a sensation among internauts.

The ‘clip’ entitled “A normal day in Florida” shows a group of people taking a boat ride when one of them catches the attention of a reptile, splashing the water with his hand and patting it on the nose.

When the animal opens its jaw, the man quickly introduces the drink and gets pierce her with their sharp teeth. After opening the can in an unconventional way, he passes it to another man, who starts drinking it immediately.

The man’s action received hundreds of comments, many of whom applauded the stunt and his bravery as he apparently the alligator was not affected. “Opening a beer with his fangs is really amazing,” noted one user.

However, another group of Internet users was critical, recalling that this type of action can be risky for animals and people.

“I’m not sure drinking from a can pierced by a swamp alligator’s tooth is a very good idea,” reflected another referring to possible diseases that the animal could transmit.

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