VIDEO: A sea lion gets on a woman’s boat to get safe from the killer whales that were chasing him and she drives him out

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A woman had a hard time sailing off the coast of British Columbia, western Canada, when she discovered that a sea lion had gotten on her boat and the two ended up surrounded by killer whales.

In the video, originally posted on TikTok, the woman shows her unexpected crew member when she realizes that the boat begins to be surrounded by several large killer whales. “I don’t know what to do, I didn’t know you were there. You have to go“A woman is heard talking to the sea lion with an alarmed tone.

In another video, apparently filmed later, it is seen how the woman accelerates when she walks towards the sea lion and raises her voice, repeating that she has to go and that she has “work to do”. has no “time for this”. At that precise moment, the animal returns to the water.

The videos went viral on social media and sparked various reactions. Some of the users they parodied the situation, publishing images of the killer whales with weapons, asking the woman to hand over the animal to them.

While other users criticized the woman for not being able to save the sea lion. One user wondered why the woman could not start the boat with the animal on board. “If the killer whales had wanted that seal, they would have capsized the boat, both standing and moving, “wrote a netizen.

The user who published the two videos on Twitter also uploaded screenshots of the woman’s response to why she had not started the ship to save the animal, in which she said she could not do so so that the propeller would not kill one of “250 live killer whales, compared to two million sea lions”.

According to National Marine Fisheries Service, it is estimated that there are some 50.000 orcas all over the world, while the sea lion it’s found in danger of extinction.

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