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VIDEO: Ben Affleck surprised his fans with a romantic gesture towards Jennifer López

After 17 years, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they became the couple of the moment again. After the initial rumors, the actors stopped hiding and are already making public appearances at the most important events. Despite the fact that the paparazzi often catch them walking the streets, it was their arrival at the Venice Film Festival that drove fans crazy.

Jennifer López and Ben Affleck at the Venice Film Festival. Photo: (Getty)

Accomplices to each other and very much in love, Ben Affleck and JLO appeared on the red carpet with two very sophisticated looks. He in a black tuxedo and she in a splendid white dress were two of the most elegant. And, then, followed the presentation at the MET Gala where they did not stop showing affection to each other.

Ben Affleck and JLO at the Met Gala.  Photo: (Getty)

Ben Affleck and JLO at the Met Gala. Photo: (Getty)

But now, after the presentations at official events, both the singer and the actor returned to their routines. What’s more, a few days ago she was back in the Bronx, the city where she is from, to continue promoting the solidarity programs in which she participates. And, one of them is helping Latina women and their respective businesses.

That is why Jennifer set out to visit one of these places while, very patient, Ben waited for her outside. Upon seeing him, some fans came to talk to him, who very sympathetically prepared to listen to his followers. Among some compliments like “you’re very good-looking”And other funny moments, a group of girls decided to invite him to a party that was taking place very close to there.

It was then that Ben Affleck He declined the invitation in a very subtle way, but touching those who were listening. In there is my girl”, He limited himself to answering, thus showing all his respect and, above all, patience for Jennifer López. So much so that this tender gesture went viral on social networks, generating more love for Bennifer among fans.

It is evident that “where there was fire, ashes remain”, at least for Affleck and López. Although they are very reserved, especially when it comes to confessing how their reunion took place, each time they have the opportunity they show themselves more together than ever.

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