VIDEO: Cosmonauts show for the first time the interior of the Russian scientific module after its docking with the ISS

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Oleg Novitski, a member of the Russian crew of the International Space Station (ISS), published on Saturday the first images of the interior of the Nauka multipurpose laboratory, a module attached to the ISS a few hours earlier.

In the recording you can see how Novitsky, together with another crew member, Pyotr Dubrov, enter the module. Also, some interior details are shown.

“We welcome everyone to our new Nauka module! We will be running a more detailed excursion for you very soon,” he pointed Novitski.

The Nauka, 13 meters long and weighing more than 20 tons, was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on July 21. It replaced the Pirs docking module, which was in service for 20 years.

It is intended for conducting scientific research and experiments. Once operational, the Russian sector of the ISS will have more workspace as well as store more shipments and equipment to regenerate water and oxygen.

The arrival of the new module will provide the Russian cosmonauts with a second toilet, a cabin for the third team member, as well as the ERA European Robotic Arm, which will allow them to carry out some missions without having to go into space.

The Nauka is expected to contribute to the development of the Russian part of the ISS and in the future, it could even serve as the basis for a new independent Russian orbital platform.

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