VIDEO: Loki confirmed that he is bisexual in episode 3 of the Disney + series

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Episode 3 of the series of Loki on the streaming service Disney+ and again he left us great moments. After what happened earlier, where we finally met the face of the variant that was wreaking havoc on the timeline and was quickly identified as Lady Loki, in this chapter we saw them together, confessing situations from their past, and there it was that Thor’s brother ends up revealing that he is bisexual.

As we have already told you, Before the premiere of the show they announced that the villain would be gender fluid, something that goes hand in hand with Nordic myths and comics. The president of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige, he referred to that the franchise would have greater diversity as time goes by, and that is why today we had a confirmation awaited by all.

In this third episode we see that Loki y Sylvie, name that you use as an alias, They meet on a Lamentis-1 train, traveling to try to return to the headquarters of the TVA (Temporal Variation Authority). There they begin to talk about their past romances and she asks him: “How about you? You’re a prince. They must have been wannabe princesses, or maybe another prince?”, to which he replies: “A bit of both. Like you, I suspect”.

In this way, the antagonist of The Avengers (2012) confirms your bisexuality, after not having made any mention of his orientation throughout his participation in the MCU. What we saw was one more sample of Disney and its products to accompany the LGBT movement in the month of pride, so they make us think that Loki may have a partner later.

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Taking into account the company’s support for free choice and demonstrated in chapter 3 of the Disney + platform series, what happened in the last week with Anthony Mackie, interpreter of Sam Wilson / Falcon. After giving a controversial statement, related to what we talk about, some called for his cancellation and believe he should be fired.

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