Video: Man Saves a Stranger Stranded on Top of a Pickup Truck in Petrópolis

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DURING LAST TUESDAY, heavy rains were recorded in the city of Petrópolis in Rio de Janeiro, which caused floods and strong water currents through the streets.

A video circulates through social networks that show how a heroic man throws himself into the dangerous currents caused by the floods in order to save a stranger who is stranded on top of a van.

Neighbors threw a rope

The images show Fabrício, who works as a hairdresser, approaching the vehicle and helping the individual get out of the car clutching a rope that the neighbors threw. More on this topic

Despite the rope, the man felt unsafe to cross only the strong currents, that is why Fabrício came to his aid. While they were crossing, at one point the hairdresser had to hold the man so that he could cross together and reach a safe place.

According to BBC NEWS, heavy flooding in this Brazilian city affected hundreds of people. Cláudio Castro, the state’s governor, reported that these were the heaviest rains since 1932.

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