VIDEO: More than 500 sheep die after being struck by lightning while grazing on a Georgia mountain

By: Amelia Deming

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VIDEO: Más de 500 ovejas mueren tras ser alcanzadas por un rayo mientras pastaban en una montaña de Georgia

At least 530 sheep died after being struck this Monday night by lightning, while grazing on Didi Abouli Mountain, located in the Samtsje-Yavajeti region of southern Georgia, they report local media.

Animals will be burned on the spot, since it is impossible to lower such a large number of corpses from the mountain, which is 3,301 meters high. “We haven’t heard before that so many sheep can die from a thunderstorm,” they pointed local authorities.

For his part, the shepherd who was guarding the flock of 1,500 sheep lost consciousness after the impact, but was not seriously injured. Losses exceed 190,000 lari (over $ 60,000).

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