Video of a policeman throwing a woman to the ground in Berlin draws the attention of the UN rapporteur on torture

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Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, asked Germany for information related to a viral video in which, during a demonstration, a policeman threw an older woman to the ground .

The recording, allegedly made last Sunday in the German capital, in the framework of protests against pandemic restrictions, records the moment when a woman tries to pass a policeman, who grabs her by the neck with both hands and throws it to the ground.

In a row, several people are seen berating the agent and trying to help the victim.

Melzer confirmed on Sunday that the video had been released to him, so he requested witness statements of the fact and to know if “an official investigation has been opened”.

This was not the only violent incident involving older women and the Berlin police forces. Another video released on social networks shows a policeman pushing a woman while another was already lying on the floor.

The protests against the covid-19 restrictions, which involved some 5,000 peopleThey became chaotic when the Police tried to contain them. Nail 600 people They were arrested.

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Numerous recordings published on social networks show the application of excessive force by the Police, including kicking, pushing and using pepper spray.

Under these circumstances, a 49-year-old man fainted and passed away when they checked his identity. Another citizen was arrested when he simply played a trumpet.

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