VIDEO of Andrew Garfield on the set of “Spiderman: no way home” would confirm the spiderverse

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Spiderman: no way home it became the most controversial Marvel movie of phase four. Since it was known that it would be the last of Tom Holland like Peter Parker much was commented on it. And, one of the things that remains of utmost importance to fans is confirming whether Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will also be present in this tape.

The idea of ​​a spiderverse with all three Spider-Man interpreters would be epic for all fans of the MCU. However, more than once the protagonists of the story were in charge of denying the news and Andrew Garfield recently reassured that he will not be in Spiderman: no way home. Still, fans of this superhero still do not lose hope.

Tom Holland’s photo in the same space as Andrew Garfield.

What’s more, the latest leak about the film’s recording set once again fueled these rumors. Is that, in a video that is touring Twitter Andrew is seen in the studio where Tom Holland has uploaded a photograph at the start of filming. Likewise, those who have already seen the audiovisual assure that the arm that is seen next to the actor is that of Tobey Maguire.

It’s been hours since this video went viral and it’s not the first time it has appeared. But this time it’s in HD so you can see Garfield’s image sharper than before. So much so that now everything indicates that both he and the first Spider-Man, Maguire will be present in Spiderman: no way home.

Although, it should be noted that for the moment Marvel and Sony continue to maintain their secrecy regarding this film. The MCU tapes were always very secret and generated a lot of intrigue in the fans, but this one in particular is one of the most anticipated precisely because of the possibility of the spiderverse. And, despite the fact that none of Holland’s predecessors appear in the trailer, it will be on December 17, the day of its premiere, when the truth is known.

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