VIDEO: The White House Uses Bloggers to Promote Covid-19 Vaccination Among Teens and Young Adults

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In an effort to boost vaccination against COVID-19 in the US, especially among the adolescent population and young adults, the White House has hired social media influencers, including the better-known comedian Benito Skinner. as Benny Drama, informs Fox News.

As part of the campaign, the comedian published through his Instagram account a video in which he plays a White House intern named Kooper. The ‘intern’ presents a series of small ‘sketches’ showing “a day in the life” as assistant press secretary Jen Psaki, who also appears in the video.

During one of his speeches, the official said that, up to now, “he has been vaccinated 160 million Americans “. Despite the number of people inoculated, Benny Drama concludes the video by pointing out the need to “put an injection in the arm of each of the Americans.”

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