VIDEO: They capture how a big dust storm ‘swallows’ an Australian city

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A major dust storm ‘engulfed’ the city of Boulia this Sunday afternoon, located in a remote part of the Australian state of Queensland. The event was recorded by Leaim Shaw, a resident of the town, who shared her video on Facebook.

The author of the clip described the storm, which reached sustained gusts of wind of up to 109 kilometers per hour, as the largest dust storm he had seen since moving to that town eight years ago.

“They are common, but usually small. The one yesterday afternoon is the largest I have seen since living here. It gave me a little cold,” Shaw related to 9News, adding that locals prepared for the worst, including uprooted roofs and trees, but fortunately the gale did not pass.

For their part, meteorologists explained that the phenomenon was caused by a series of electrical storms in the north of the state. Apart from Boulia, the cities of Mount Isla, Dajarra and Urandangi were affected. ABC News.

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