VIDEO: Tracks the thief from his car and stops him at a barbershop

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VIDEO: Rastrea al ladrón de su coche y lo detiene en una barbería

An American woman managed to find the man who had stolen her car thanks to social networks and confronted him in a barbershop, informs The Detroit News.

When her Mercedes Benz was stolen from a Detroit parking lot on July 12, 32-year-old Bianca Chambers decided act on your own to punish the thief. The afternoon of the robbery day, he found his car about 6 kilometers from the parking lot where it was stolen and, since he did not know how long it would take for the police to arrive, decided to follow the thief.

“This boy has the audacity to drive the car right around the same neighborhood where he stole it“Chambers said.

However, although she managed to locate the man near the business she runs, the individual had already disappeared when the police arrived.

Still, on July 14, netizens told him that his car was near a local barber shop. Seeing the parked Mercedes, Chambers cut all the tires so that the thief could not escape.

The videos, posted by the woman on her Facebook account, show Chambers break into the room and confront the man.

“Sorry, is that Benz over there?” Chambers asked seconds before throw yourself at the thief.

Although the woman managed to arrest the individual, thanks to the help of workers and clients of the barbershop, now faces criminal charges for assault.

However, he assures that he does not regret his actions, despite the fact that his audacity cost him four tires.

“I only got mad after seeing this man drive my car. I didn’t want him to run away again,” Chambers said.

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