Video training: Java made easy

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In this practical video course, lecturer Christian Gesty teaches beginners the basics of Java and object-oriented programming. Many examples and exercises are used to learn. The topics Collection Framework and JavaFX are also part of the course. Exercises and related solutions as well as short quizzes on what has been learned help to consolidate the knowledge. The course is aimed at all those new to programming who want to use Java to lay the foundation for in-depth knowledge in the field of programming.

The 34-hour video course from Udemy is still available until Wednesday, June 23, 2021 for 18.99 euros (instead of 169.99 euros): Java made easy – The comprehensive AZ beginners course

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(Quelle: Christian Gesty)

Christian Gesty first came into contact with Java while studying mechatronics. In intensive self-study he deepened his knowledge and at the same time began to give video courses on all aspects of programming. The expert is now working as an independent entrepreneur. Regarding his course concept, he explains: “I will show you step by step how programming works so that after each chapter you get the feeling that you have understood everything and that the puzzle is slowly but surely coming together.”

  • Understand and use the Java programming language
  • Working with the Eclipse program
  • Understand what object-oriented programming is: classes, objects, abstract classes, interface, inheritance, association, modifiers and much more
  • Learn everything about ArrayList, TreeSet, HashMap and many more classes
  • How does the collection framework work?
  • Introduction to JavaFX
  • From the console to the first program – developing a program with interfaces

  • Everyone who wants to learn programming and wants to start with Java
  • Who wants to learn and understand Java
  • Everyone who wants to use Java programming as preparation for programming Android apps
  • Pupils who would like to learn Java, have computer science as a school subject or who can use it as preparation for internships
  • IT students who need Java for their exams


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