VIDEOS: A couple discovers a secret room in their home with haunting photos and objects hidden between the walls

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When an old house is remodeled it is possible to find some surprises during the reconstruction work, from imperfections of which you were not aware to old objects left by the former owners. However, as one woman showed in videos posted on TikTok, these findings can sometimes be puzzling and even intriguing.

According to Kam Mee told through the popular social network, while her husband remodeled their home about four years ago, they were surprised to discover a hidden room behind a wall. However, it was what they found inside the walls that removed that puzzled them.

Inside the walls they found a series of old photos, including one that “has caused nightmares” for the ‘tiktoker’, and in which a headless man is seen posing with a minor. “How to eliminate that annoying reflection when you wear glasses”, can be read on the reverse of the instant disturber.

In addition to the photographs, the couple found a student association credential, a Christmas present left by the previous owners, as well as a few handwritten letters from the 1960s. So far, the woman has not been able to learn the The exact date his house was built, although estimates from his neighbors indicate that it is in his 80s.

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