VIDEOS: Rob a school bus, ram several vehicles and cause a police chase in New York

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An unknown man stole a school bus on Thursday and caused chaos in New York after crashing several vehicles that were parked in the Brooklyn district, in his attempt to escape from the police.

After the theft was reported, the authorities managed to track the bus by GPS and saw it parked with a man inside, but without passengers on board. The agents tried to inspect him and detain the individual, but he resisted and managed to escape behind the wheel of the vehicle. local media.

In the middle of the leak, the man caused several accidents and material damage. He struck several parked cars throughout a neighborhood and came close to running over police officers who were following him on foot. At least one officer and five citizens were injured, he says. News 12 Networks.

The man was arrested after colliding with a building. He was identified as Anthony Reyes and faces charges of grand theft, recklessness, unauthorized use of a vehicle, criminal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, among others. At least 12 arrests are on his file.

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