Videos with multiple audio tracks for languages ​​come to YouTube

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What if a mobile version, what if playlists, loop repetition function, background playback … The YouTube we have today does not look like that of 2005 from 16 years ago. But there is one element that has remained exactly the same: It is only possible to upload a video with an audio track. Or rather, it was possible, because multitracks have reached the service.

Videos in multiple languages ​​on YouTube

Like the option to choose between different types of subtitles, YouTube will offer the option for video creators to upload their content with different audio tracks. In fact, it is already possible, because this Thursday Google’s video platform has introduced a series of new functions related to transcriptions, subtitles and audio tracks, such as has announced via a statement.

Thus, YouTube videos will become more like movies and series with the availability for some creators to add multiple audio tracks to the video in different languages. This accessibility function is also aimed at people with visual disabilities or vision problems, so that the creators of the platform will also be able to add a track with audio descriptions. News YouTube

Here’s a summary of all the audio features YouTube has received and will receive in the coming months:

Subtitles and audio functions

Starting today, creators can enable automatic captions for any live broadcast in English, to make broadcasts more inclusive and accessible. Previously, this feature was only available for channels with more than 1,000 subscribers, but we have removed that requirement. In the coming months, we plan to expand live captioning to the 13 supported auto-caption languages.

Automatic translation of subtitles on mobile

By the end of this year, automatic translation of subtitles will be implemented in the languages ​​supported by Android and iOS. It is currently only available on the desktop.

Search for subtitle transcripts on mobile

Later this year, we will experiment with typing in the search bar at the top of the transcript to find specific keywords.

Multiple audio tracks and descriptive audio sources

We are testing, with a small group of creators, the ability to add multiple audio tracks to your videos, which will help provide multilingual audio for international audiences, as well as descriptive audio for people who are blind or have low vision. We hope to expand this feature in the coming quarters.

Channel permissions for adding subtitles

We have already announced that the “Subtitle Editor” is on its way, we are actively working on it and will keep you updated in the coming months. It will be a new channel permission in YouTube Studio that will allow creators to delegate the creation of captions on their channel to people they trust.


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