Vidrala invests almost 100 million in its largest glass furnace in Portugal

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The Vidrala group, a company that produces glass containers for food and beverages, will invest nearly 100 million euros in creating its largest glass furnace on the peninsula, which will be located at its Gallo Vidrio plant located in the Portuguese town of Marinha Grande.

As reported by the company, it is an oven designed with high technologies that will increase the capacity of the factory by more than 50% and reduce its CO2 emissions.

Vidrala explained in a statement that it is immersed in an industrial digitalization strategy in all its facilities, so that it is implementing flexible machines that can manufacture containers of different sizes and shapes.

The investment of the new furnace is part of a multi-year strategic plan for industrial development in Portugal, where the logistics infrastructure will be expanded through the construction of new advanced technology warehouses.

It also plans to expand the transport fleet and will bet on its own renewable electricity generation facilities to modernize its two stained glass plants located in Marinha Grande.

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