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Vietnam to reopen Phu Quoc island in November for vaccinated tourists

Vietnam hopes to reopen the resort island of Phu Quoc in November for vaccinated foreign visitors, authorities said, seeking to relaunch the tourism industry after two years of closure.

Phu Quoc, 10 km from Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand, has white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, mountains and dense jungle.

It attracts some 670,000 visitors and received more than $ 18 billion in international arrivals in 2019, and authorities hope to make it a tourist mecca like Phuket in Thailand or Bali in Indonesia.

Starting on November 20, the island will begin receiving chartered flights from foreign visitors with vaccine passports, the government said late Friday.

Tourists must present their vaccination certificate and negative covid-19 test to enter.

In addition, they must come from places with “a high safety record in preventing covid-19, such as parts of Europe, the Middle East, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and Australia.”

Vietnam is desperate to revive its economy after months of shutdown due to the pandemic.

Its borders were closed abroad since the beginning of 2020 and there are practically no international flights arriving in the country.

According to state press, the authorities also want to open popular destinations such as Ha Long Bay, a Unesco world heritage site, and Hoi An Ancient City in November, but no plan has been detailed.

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